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Rapha launches Pro Team Arenberg sunglasses


Rapha has released a new design of sunglasses called the Pro Team Arenberg, which add a full frame for a more robust look.

The frame takes the previous model’s rimless design and wraps it in a full frame and gives the lens venting to reduce any potential condensation.

The frame also sits flush with the lens so your peripheral isn’t obstructed and a snap-lock hinge makes it easier to remove the frames and secure them to your helmet.

Rapha sunglases Arenberg

The lenses are swappable and are made by Carl Zeiss in a variety of options for different riding conditions.

Rapha Arenberg


The standard Pro Team Arenberg sunglasses complete with Bronze Mirror lens will cost €170/£150 in a variety of frame colourways, while each replaceable lens will cost €90/£80.