Home News French cyclist shot in the shoulder by someone in passing car

French cyclist shot in the shoulder by someone in passing car

Clément Delcros shot while training

A young French cyclist was struck by a bullet shot by a gunman in a passing vehicle during a training ride.

Clément Delcros, an 18-year-old cyclist riding for the l’Amical Vélo Club Aix-en-Provence team, was still able to ride to a nearby hospital after being shot.

“I was at the end of a workout. I was one kilometre from home. I was riding at 50 km/h, on a false flat downhill,” Delcros recounted. “I saw that a car was coming the other way. Once the vehicle was next to me, I heard a bang.”

“I thought someone had thrown something at me,” he said. “But suddenly I bled heavily from my shoulder. Luckily I was in the vicinity of the Rangueil hospital and there the doctors saw that there was a small caliber bullet in my shoulder. ”

After a transfer to the hospital in Purpan, doctors saw the bullet was deep inside and since it wasn’t touching anything major, decided to not remove it.

“It could have been worse, but that’s a rare event. I do not understand why this happened. Nobody is out for me. Why was I shot? It’s really odd,” added Delcros.

“The police complaint? I suspect it won’t help much. There is little hope of finding the wrongdoers. I do not even know the model of their car.”