Home News Amateur cyclist’s leg cut by disc brake in crash (video)

Amateur cyclist’s leg cut by disc brake in crash (video)

disc brake cut

A crash that occurred during an easy ride with friends left this amateur cyclist with a deep cut in his leg, which almost two weeks later is still an open wound. 

Peter Curtis-Brown sent this footage to road.cc, saying“It was a small social group ride and the group had split up at a junction. As I slowed up the two riders behind me did not react in time and crashed into me. It was at very slow speed. I didn’t even fall off. The video shows the disc brake-equipped bike coming up my right-hand side.”

Peter’s wound

“On a side note the injury has impacted me more that I first thought it would,” he added. “I can’t exercise at the moment as the wound is still open,”.


  1. Did the rider with the camera inexplicably brake or why did the rider in back suddenly hit him? In any case the vid does not show a disc brake causing an injury.

  2. I was hit from behind by a following cyclists and his front wheel slammed into my shoe smashing the plastic heel counter into my heel. Took weeks to heal enough to return to work and then two years later had a lump cut open to find that there was still some plastic embedded in my foot.

    Better ban front wheels, they are dangerous.